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Common enquiries people make about our services

Who is Call Bob the Handyman?

Call Bob the Handyman in Albany is a group of dedicated, skilled trades people ready to tackle any maintenance job. We can be called to homes or commercial premises.

The client needs to only ring the one number whether it is during traditional office hours or in an emergency to be connected to the right trades person to solve their problem.

Although we have to charge more for out of hours emergency calls we can guarantee our clients a real human will ALWAYS answer the phone. You are guaranteed to talk to a person first call every time.

Where can we find Call Bob the Handyman?

Call Bob the Handyman's trades people based in Albany will travel to Denmark, Mount Barker and all areas of the Lower Great Southern.

We also have trades people based in Busselton, Bunbury and Geraldton.

Why is Call Bob the Handyman so different?

Unlike other firms that employ general handypersons (with unknown skill levels) specific training or skills 'Call Bob the handyman' only employs qualified trades people at handy person rates.

We match the job to the qualified tradesperson unlike other firms that have a 'one person fits all jobs' way of operating.

Who can vouch for the quality of your work

If someone asks you why should I choose 'Call Bob the handyman' you can tell them we work for 'Good Start Child Care Centres' Albany, Bunbury, Busselton and Geraldton.

We have a maintenance contract with Clarence Estate, Albany.

Programmed Maintenance contract Department of Housing (Homes West).

These major clients trust us as their sole maintenance provider.

Why can you so Confidently recommend Call Bob?

Call Bob trades people are all insured (public liability and workers compensation) which means no client will ever be responsible for costs incurred by a tradesperson injuring themselves in their home or if damage is caused by a trades person.

We have strictly enforced JSA's to ensure our employees operate a safe work environment.

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Qualified Tradesmen at Handyman Prices!

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