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Licenced Asbestos Removal

Legally Removing Damaged Asbestos

Asbestos has become the 'dirty word' of the building and construction industry in the past 3 or 4 decades and with good reason. Although there is generally no need to panic if you are living in an 'asbestos' home you do need to be careful if and when walls crack severely and repairs need to be carried out.

Make sure you legally remove any broken asbestos from walls or even old sheds by calling us. It is a scarey subject but not as expensive as it has been made to sound - just call us to be sure.

It is especially essential when planning a renovation that asbestos removal be factored into the budget, though it need not be as expensive as the stories tell. Ask Call Bob the Handyman for a recommendation as to how to go about your asbestos removal and for a quote to do the job.

Many homes and buildings in the Albany, Mount Barker and Denmark regions were built with and still exist with asbestos as the main building material for internal and external walls and roof. While they are ok while they remain painted and intact, once damaged or in the case of renovation then it is vital that the proper technique of removal, carting and dispoal of asbestos be adhered to, for personal safety and for legal reasons.

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